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SolutionProvide multiple types of HD products and multiple industry solutions

  • Deep sea survey solutions
  • Ocean/Warship Solutions
  • Robot inspection solution
  • Video detection application solution
  • Drone solution
  • Security monitoring solution
  • Industrial testing video equipment solutions
  • Video conferencing solution
  • Teaching recording solution

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About Kai Mo RuiProfessional video solution service provider

Shenzhen Kai Mo Rui Electronic Technology Co. LTD. is engaged in Japanese SONY FCB/EVI series products, Hikvision series products, Korean CM HD series products and Kay Chuang Tuoda's own brand. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of medical surgery live cameras, drone aerial photography, industrial inspection video equipment, robotic cameras, surveillance videos, video conferences, teaching recording and broadcasting, interrogation systems, and other special industry-specific integrated cameras . The company has been committed to the development and sales of high-definition products, especially real-time high-definition images based on SDI/HDMI//network IP interface...

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